Getting your affairs in order

Does your work or pastime involve high risk? What if something happens to you? Do you have a Will? Does anyone have your Power of Attorney in case you are incapacitated?

What does ‘getting your affairs in order’ mean?

Let’s Face it… one day something will happen you – it happens to everyone! Let’s hope it’s not soon, but it could be tomorrow…


You are reading this… because you realise that one day you will not be around to manage your affairs yourself.  Someone else will be doing it for you!


When that time comes… who will that someone be?
  • Do you have a trusted person in mind
  • Are they aware of it?
  • Will they have legal authority?
  • What will they find on Day 1 – order or chaos?
  • Will they have full details your affairs and wishes?

What are Affairs?

Affairs (or Estate) refers to all your worldly possessions and obligations, and the paperwork behind it. Your affairs will be different from anyone else’s because of your personal circumstances. In simple terms Affairs includes all things you own and owe.


Our legal system is very complex…

There are laws in place to protect you, your property and your family. But they could have unintended consequences.

  • In the event of your death or incapacity… your dependants may lose access to your funds you set aside for them to live on, unless you have the appropriate legal structure in place.
  • If you die without a will… your estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestate succession in your state,  rather than how you might have preferred.
  • You may also have other wishes… regarding things like resuscitation, funeral arrangements, guardianship of your children, etc.

So you need to plan very carefully… even if your affairs are simple, as there are many serious legal, tax, financial and family implications to consider to avoid consequences that could end up being costly.

We can help you!

As professional accountants, business consultants and licensed advisors…we can help you through this complex process of getting your affairs in order.

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